What makes it all worth while

Becoming a Hypnotherapist has been a long term dream for me.  Although I had a ‘regular’ well-paying job,  something within me has always wanted to do this.  From as far as I can remember I’ve studied books and courses about how the mind works, personal development, counselling and anything to do with self improvement.

Over the last few years I’ve been able to add to all that by training as a Hypnotherapist and adding to that with numerous other courses on subjects I’m passionate about including anxiety, stress, pain, weight loss etc. .  I’ve juggled working, studying, doing assessments, case studies, being a mum, a wife, a daughter and a granny.  At times I was sure I’d meet myself coming back.  There have been many occasions when i’ve put my head in my hands and thought “Why am I doing all this”.

The last couple of days, however,  have been very special to me.  Yesterday I got to speak to a group of people about my favourite subject, hypnotherapy.  Some of the participants have gone through terrible illnesses (and some still are) and it made me feel very humble.  It also made me realise that hypnotherapists have so much to offer people going through terrible times and it makes me even more determined to help as many people as I possibly can.

Today I received the following comment on facebook:

“Irene I’ve struggled with severe anxiety at various points throughout my adult life. It’s difficult to explain to someone who has never experienced it but with me I agonise over every single decision I have to make, every look or comment from people I know. I second guess everything to do with my working and personal life. Over the past few years I’ve been taught various coping strategies but by far the best experience I’ve ever had was the mind clearing exercise you did with me. I was focused, able think clearly and prioritise where I’d have been in a blind panic before. I still can’t believe be the difference it made to me.  ? ? ?    Pa           Pamela

Once again I’m reminded why I do what I do and why I absolutely love doing it! and that’s what makes it all worthwhile