So what on earth is this picture about, I hear you say?  First of all I must apologise for the quality of the picture.  That’s thanks to my husband’s photography skills.  The picture is me achieving a very long term goal by doing a firewalk.  About 25 years ago I heard a speaker talk at a work event, about how he believed we could do anything we wanted in life and how he had done a Firewalk and now got all his employees to do one too.  I was instantly interested and looked into it straight away but the cost was far too much for me.

I’ve always been interested in the power of the mind and believe we are capable of doing so much more than we think so the idea of the firewalk never left me.  Only very recently did I see an advert for The Phoenix Firewalk (@Phoenixfirewalk on facebook) and I decided to book.  Last Friday I went along and to be honest I felt very apprehensive.  I’d just returned from a short break and was up to my eyes in work and the thought of driving two hours to walk on hot coals was definitely not appealing to me.  For hours throughout the day I felt nervous and thought of cancelling all day.  However, I gave myself a talking to and went along.

When I arrived at the hotel where the event was taking place I was even more apprehensive and felt my old social anxiety returning and bubbling away in my tummy.  I told it to do one and went in.  Barry and Marina, who took the course gave excellent talks on the power of the mind and as usual when I attend events like this, the other people in the group were so inspiring.  So I ended up not just doing a firewalk but walking on broken glass and breaking an arrow with my neck!

The experience was amazing.  The strange thing was that despite fearing going in to the event I didn’t feel fear or anxiety once when we were actually started.  In fact it was completely exhilirating and I even had my hand up first to do a second firewalk when we were offered the opportunity.

This experience made me wonder just how many people were not doing things they really wanted to do because of anxiety or how many people cancel things because they can’t go through with them because of fear?  I remember so many things when I was younger that I didn’t do because of feeling anxious and thankfully I’d dealt with these and now and am determined never to let anxiety hold me back.   If you need help getting control of your anxiety please get in touch and if you fancy it try a firewalk.  You’ll love it.