So why was I on the TV?

So what was I doing on Great British Menu, I hear you ask!  And what’s that got to do with hypnotherapy for cancer care? Fourteen years ago I received devastating news that I had breast cancer.  With three children and being recently divorced,  to say it was a stressful time is a bit of an understatement. The following year was filled with surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, surgical appointments, oncology appointments, mammograms, bone scans, ultrasounds.  You name it I had it. Like many women with breast cancer, the period following all the treatments was the worse for me.  I was alive so there was obviously an enormous  feeling of gratitude for that but my body image, confidence, self esteem and general health were at an all time low.  I expected to feel better every day and every day I sank lower and lower.  The fight back up was tough but I used my years of consuming self help and hypnotherapy books as well as focusing on exercise.  A major part of restoring my confidence was having reconstructive surgery.  I was the first woman in the UK to receive a new method of reconstructive surgery at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Great British Menu

As those of you who watch the Great British Menu will know, there is always a theme and the theme on the program on 3rd September 2018 was “Celebrating  NHS heroes.”   The BBC contacted me to ask me to tell my story about how the NHS helped me get my spark back following reconstructive surgery.  I’d filmed with them last year and to be honest had forgotten about it till i received numerous text messages to say I was on TV. Watching on catchup TV however, did make me feel sad.  It particularly reminded me of how bad I felt following my breast cancer treatment.  I think the NHS does a wonderful job saving people’s lives when they’ve been unfortunate enough to experience cancer.  I think there is a  need though for more help with the emotional effects of cancer.  This was one of my main reasons for becoming a Hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy for Cancer care

Hypnotherapy can help with the side effects of treatment.  Examples of this are helping cope with nausea during chemotherapy, fear of scans, needle phobia, pain, fatigue during radiotherapy, anxiety and fear.  What is less well known is that hypnotherapy  can also help you ‘live with cancer’.  By that I refer to the many people who have their lives impacted daily by chronic pain, fatigue, fear of cancer coming back, menopausal symptoms following hysterectomy or hormone therapy, poor body image, low confidence and poor sleep.  These issues can impact many months and years after the treatment has ended.  Friends and family are often not aware how devastating these symptoms can be to the ‘survivor’ as they’re often so focused on the relief that  the person has survived.   But often the effects can be just as devastating as the cancer itself. Many people have been helped with hypnotherapy during their cancer treatment and also following their treatment.  If you want to find out more please get in touch. Love Irene