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Have you been suffering with pain for a while?

Have you been suffering with pain for a while?  Pain is there to protect us.  It’s a message from our brain that we need to do something.  NEW pain protects you. An example of this is when you put your hand on a very hot object.  The pain tells you to move your hand…. quickly….. so you don’t get badly burned.  OLD pain is a message in your mind that’s no longer needed once it’s done its job of alerting you to the problem.  Sometimes, however, the message of Old pain can get stuck on.  That message can be turned down and even completely turned off.  The area is not numbed and new pain will be received if it was needed.

OldPain2Go is a simple methodology based on how our brain processes things.  It works by ‘turning off’ the old pain messages.  Hundreds of people have been helped by this methodology.  You can hear firsthand from some of these people directly in video testimonials which can be found at Usually only one ‘OldPain2Go’ session is all that is required.

I am an OldPain2Go practitioner and can use this methodology to help you turn down your old pain or turn it off completely.  I offer appointments from my Therapy Room in the Cevic Centre,  Catrine, East Ayrshire, by Skype or if appropriate in your own home.    Contact me if you would like to find out more.


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