Being one of the people who struggle with Christmas my focus is very much on the New Year.  I’m already planning what I’m going to do in  2019.  It’s a special birthday year for me too so i’m planning big.    If you haven’t already started planning here’s a few ideas to consider:

Get fitter

Right at the top of my 2019 is get fitter.  I’ve always enjoyed walks and going to classes at my gym but my fitness this year has been a bit hit or miss.  I’m definitely planning on being more consistent in 2019 and hope to start jogging again and maybe even a wee half marathon again!  For me exercise isn’t just about helping to lose weight.  It’s definitely about keeping my mood up there.  No matter how crap I feel a walk in the country makes me feel much better about everything in life but unfortunately like a lot of people it’s the first thing to go when I’m going through tough times.  It seems the things that we know help are the first things we give up.  So number one on my plan for 2019 is get moving!

Get a grip on eating

Similar to the exercise I find my healthy eating patterns go right out the window when I’m faced with hard times.  I really believe when you eat like crap you feel like crap so 2019 will definitely see massive improvements in the quality of food I nourish my body with. 


Meditation is always something I’ve found quite difficult in the past.  I’ve recently learned this is because I try to start doing it for 20 minutes at a time.  No build up just straight into 20 minutes.  Meditating even for one or two minutes helps calm the mind. I also know now it doesn’t need to be something you do sitting still.  For me meditation is a walk in the country just being and not having worries jump around my head.  The important point is that you focus on the present time, not the past, not the future.  It takes practice but the benefits are huge.  Remember you can still get my free Rest and Relax Recording to help with this  by clicking the following link


Getting into the habit of writing a journal every day is so good for you.  When I’ve gone through some tough times in the past, I’ve always kept a journal and wrote down what was happening and also how I felt.  Somehow it helped me cope.  It’s great to go back and read and see how far you’ve come too.  It only takes five minutes every day and once you’ve done it for a couple of weeks it will just become a normal habit.

Schedule Regular Breaks

Having holidays and regular breaks to look forward to is really good for morale and motivation.  I sometimes don’t do this and end up organising breaks at the last minute or squeezing in days off just to use up leave.  This year I’m definitely going to plan ahead and get some of those bucket list holidays ticked off my list. 

Morning rituals

Many successful people have morning rituals.  Things they MUST do every morning to make sure their day goes to plan.  These can be meditating, reading a few pages of a book, taking time for gratitude, exercising, programming your mind or anything that helps you get into the right mindset to make sure your day is productive and enjoyable. 

Be More Focused in your Reading

This is definitely something I need to be more of in 2019.  I always have about 6 books I’m reading at the same time … and I’m not kidding.  My plan for 2019 will be to read only one book at a time and finish it before I move on to another.

Laugh more

There’s absolutely no doubt that laughing is good for you.  It changes the chemistry in your brain and get all the good hormones circulating instead of the stress ones.  Even laughing out loud for no reason is good for you.  Try it!  Just laugh loudly for no reason.  Or if that feels a bit strange watch a bit of Only Fools and Horses or your favourite comedy and see how much better you feel. 

Make time to Meet Friends More  –

Another biggy for me is making time to meet friends.  Unfortunately I’ve allowed work to take over a bit this year and I’ve not made time to meet friends as often as I’d like to so I’m definitely going to prioritise this in 2019.  This ticks two off my list as I always end up laughing lots when I do meet my friends. 

Get More Sleep

Another important one for me is to get more sleep.  I’m pretty bad at sitting up till the early hours reading and then wondering why I’m tired in the morning.  Good sleep is essential for wellbeing and I’m definitely going to make sure I get more of it in 2019.

I hope some of these make you think about your habits for 2019.  If there are any areas you want more information on or help with just get in touch.  

I‘d like to thank you all for reading my blogs and for all the support you’ve given me in 2018 by liking my pages, commenting or sharing my posts on facebook.  I very much appreciate it.

Have a Wonderful Christmas