you’ve still got time


Have you slipped off the weight loss wagon or reverted back to old anxiety filled negative thoughts?  Maybe you allowed your old low confidence and self esteem to come back into your life?  If so it’s not too late to change that and still make this the best year yet!

From today (12th August 2018)  you’ve got 141 days left to make 2018 the year that counts.  The year where you have achieved your goals and made real, lasting change in your life.  The following is some guidance to help you do just that:

Make a Plan-

Don’t just have a think about what you want to achieve, actually write it down somewhere you can see it EVERY day.  Keep a note book and write why you don’t want to stay the way you are and how it actually feels the way you are now.  How does your current situation limit your life?

Then write down how you want it to be in as much detail as possibly.  How do you want to feel?  How do you want to look?  What things will you be doing every day when you reach your goals?  Will you be wearing different clothes?  Will you be going out more?  Where to?  Put in as much detail as you possibly can and don’t be afraid to add to it as you go along.

What actions are you going to take?

Visualising and imagining how you want things to be is a great first step but you now need to take action to make it happen.  Write down in your notebook what your non-negotiables are.  Your non-negotiables are things you are going to do CONSISTENTLY to reach your goals.  They could be “go to an exercise class three times a week”, “prepare my food for the week on a Sunday evening”, “meditate for ten minutes every day”, “walk the dog for fifteen minutes every morning and every evening”, “read a self improvement book every week”, listen to a relaxation recording every night.   These can be absolutely anything that you have identified will help you reach your goals.  Don’t make these too big or you won’t keep doing them.  Make sure their achievable. For example don’t put exercise for two hours every day as it’s very unlikely that most people will have that amount of time available to exercise daily.  The really important bit is that these are non-negotiables and that means that you do them every time you said you would – EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT!

Consistency is key and small positive steps every day are what leads to successful new habits being wired in your brain so that they become automatic, you don’t have to think about it, you just do it.

Celebrate victories

If you mess up (and most people will at some point have an off day) don’t beat yourself up.  Notice what it is you need to do to refocus and start again.  Celebrate every single victory no matter how small.  Tell yourself you’re amazing and YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, no doubt whatsoever.  See yourself achieving your goals in as much detail as possible.  Think about how that will actually feel.

Attitude of Gratitude

Start each day reminding yourself of all the things you’re grateful for.  These can be big things like your family but also small things like your car to take you to work, the rose in your garden which makes you smile when you look at it.  Anything at all that you are grateful for.  Being grateful changes the chemicals in your brain in a positive way and helps you stay positive and focused.

So go on let’s use the next 141 days wisely and make those changes for life.