Another three weeks of lockdown!

How are you coping with it all? I’m more fortunate than most because I’ve been working throughout in another job and also doing online sessions but  i’m so not used to having as much spare time in the evenings and weekends. More time to think about it all!  More time to worry about what could happen to those I love. I’m hearing from so many clients that it’s not just me feeling like that.

If you, like me, are struggling through this horrific time I’ve put a few tips below  which I hope will  help you cope. Things I personally use. I know it’s not easy because it’s often so hard to do things when you don’t feel like them but I also know if you just give yourself that push and do them, even when you don’t feel like it, you will start to feel better soon.


Make Routines –

Especially if you are not working during this time, it’s so important to keep some routines going in your life. Try to get up at the same time in the morning as you would if you were working. Make a plan for your day – breakfast, housework, lunch, a walk, listen to music, read, video call your friends etc.  Decide what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it.


One idea is to make a list of what you would normally do, go back through and tick what you can still do.  Then go back to the others and think about how you could adapt it, do it another way or do something else in place.


Include some pleasure –

Make time to include things you enjoy every day and find new ways to do them.  Examples I’ve seen are families having a pub quiz over a video call, make a tiktok video, do an online workout, video call your friends and family or go a lovely walk, run or cycle for your once a day exercise.


Achievement –

A sense of achievement is really important for us to stay strong.  Finding things to do that give us that sense of achievement  doesn’t  need to be a big thing.  It can be as simple as clearing out a cupboard every day,  doing a bit of gardening, doing an online course, doing a workout, writing a chapter of the book of your life, cleaning your windows, baking some scones, knitting a scarf, helping your kids with their school work, keeping the kids happy all day (quite a challenge I’m sure).


Another way to get that sense of achievement is to volunteer to help people who need it.  Thousands of people are having to isolate for twelve weeks because of their existing health issues to avoid them catching covid-19.  A whole network of volunteers across the country are required to help these people get food or prescriptions during this time.  Volunteering and showing kindness to others has been shown to produce good hormones in our body and change the chemistry making us feel better.


Keep connected –

Not being able to see our families is definitely the hardest bit of this whole lockdown.  I know I’m really missing seeing my grandchildren but I make sure I facetime them and my daughters send me snapchats of what they’re up to during the day.  Keeping that connection and closeness to your friends and family is so important for us and this current situation makes it very easy to become isolated and disconnected.  Making the effort to stay connected is vital for our health.


Stay safe everyone