Fear of flying is a common phobia

regularly treated successfully by hypnotherapy.  Like most phobias, however, it’s doesn’t affect everyone in the same way.  Some people struggle with actually getting on the plane, with take off, with landing or anywhere inbetween.  Sharon in the picture above, struggled with the feelings she got when the doors of the plane shut.  She instantly felt panic, felt her heart racing and struggled to get a breath.  The fear grew and grew and stopped her from travelling to places she wanted to go on holiday.

Sharon’s  problem was linked to claustrophobia rather than actually flying.  Quite often when someone comes for hypnotherapy we find that the problem is not really what the client booked for.  That’s why a good hypnotherapist will allow plenty of time to listen to the client at the beginning of the session.

During our hypnotherapy session Sharon was able to trace the fear and panic back to a flight many years previously.  We were able to change how she felt about this before mentally rehearsing her going on an aeroplane journey.

As you can see from the picture, Sharon took this a step further.  Not only did she go on a flight soon after her session, but she actually booked a lesson and flew the plane!  She thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and has booked up more. For many years Sharon’s phobia stopped her doing things she wanted to do.  Don’t let a phobia stop you doing what you want in life.  Often only one or two hypnotherapy sessions will sort your problem.  Please get in touch if you want more information.