Don’t Worry, be Happy

This week I’m going to talk about a big part of anxiety – worry.  Worry can take over your head and fill your every minute, resulting in you feeling ill, exhausted and depressed.  The following are some ways to help you deal with worrying.

If you hear yourself saying “What If” a lot it’s time to have a talk with yourself.  Worrying about what ‘might’ happen is a waste of precious time.  Instead of saying what if turn the sentence into ‘so what’.  An example is “what if it all goes wrong” – change it to “So what if it all goes wrong, I’ll cope”, change “What if they think I’m stupid” to “So what if they think I’m stupid, I know I’m not and that’s what matters”.  It takes lots of practice to change the habit of ‘what if’ thinking but it makes a big difference if you stick at it.

Worrying isn’t helpful

Some people feel that by worrying they’re doing something about a problem but they’re not…. they’re just creating another one.

Uncertainty is a fact of life.

Learn to accept uncertainty and tolerate that you don’t have all the answers at this time but you’ll still be able to deal with what comes your way, just as you always have done.

Book yourself an appointment to worry!

Allow yourself five minutes at some point in the day to worry and when you start to worry before that remind yourself that you can do it later.  I know it sounds crazy but it can help.

Being negative all the time just makes worrying worse.

Your thoughts create feelings so if you feel yourself thinking negative thoughts a lot, do something that shifts your mood – examples are contact a friend who makes you laugh, be with someone  you love, watch something funny on TV or just laugh out loud – you don’t need a reason just laugh!

Don’t beat yourself up about worrying.

Giving yourself a hard time about worrying will only make things worse.  It’s important not to fight to control the worries but accept at this moment in time you’re worrying but make a plan to do something that will help you not worry, like the examples above.

If you worry when you try to sleep at night listen to a recording (you can get a free ten minute one on my website. To check it out Click Here  or listen to an App.  The Headspace App is  very good and I’ve used it myself lots of times.

Be present.

We tend to spend a lot of our time going over stuff that happened in the past or worrying about the future.  Now is all that matters.  Decide to enjoy what you’re doing right now when you find yourself straying to the past or future, remind yourself it’s now that matters.

Good luck and hope you give these tips a try.  Remember if I can help just get in touch here