There’s a new kid in town when it comes to addictions – busyaholism.  I couldn’t find it in any dictionary  so not sure if it’s a real  word but when I read it in a book recently it definitely hit a nerve with me.  Not only am I a busyaholic, I’ve been one for many many years!

So what is a busyaholic?

  • Running out of work to the supermarket, then home to make the dinner which you eat in seconds, then out to something else. That something else can be a class, the gym, doing errands for someone or even going to the pictures.  You’ve also managed to put two washings in, do the dishes and iron at midnight!
  • Having a massive ‘to do list’ in your head that you add to every day – add i said not take away!
  • When you’re not working on that ‘to do’ list you’re stressing about how you’re going to fit it all in and get it done. No-one possibly could ever get it all done but that doesn’t stop you stressing.
  • Sitting watching TV with the family when you’re actually going over your ‘to do’ list in your head and you haven’t heard a word that’s been said on TV.
  • Being the first to put your hand up when someone is looking for volunteers to do stuff despite the fact you don’t have a spare two minutes in the day.
  • Spending every weekend being just as busy as through the week and even holidays are spent frantically sightseeing and choosing gifts to take home every minute with no time to relax!

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the message.  Unfortunately a lot of us live a bit like this nowadays and TV and social media don’t help.  Sometimes it can look like everyone, except us, is coping admirably with all things and managing to look good, have a fit body, a tidy house, well-behaved kids who’ve done all their homework, up to date in all the latest box sets and still have time to go on date nights with their partners!

The truth is far from that.  Lots of people struggle to cope with the huge expectations we place on ourselves nowadays.  We live increasingly busy lives, working longer hours and sometimes even two jobs as well as looking after our families.  The problem with overworking, over-committing, over-exercising, over-studying is that it doesn’t leave time to relax and take time to feel your emotions and recharge.   The effects of this long term can lead to excessive stress, anxiety and physical illnesses.

So how can you turn it round?

As I said at the beginning, this is something I’ve personally struggled with for many years and I soon became aware it was my strategy for coping – ignore my feelings and keep busy.  The effects of this did affect my health in a big way and I learned the hard way that looking after yourself is NON-NEGOTIABLE.  It just has to be done no matter what.  You’re no good to anybody else if you’re ill.

While I still have tendencies to be overly busy, I now make sure I also make time to do things that I’ve learned help me, like listening to hypnotic recordings to relax, go walks in the countryside, eat healthy food,  and make sure I factor in time to do things I enjoy like being silly with my grandchildren. I won’t lie it’s always going to be a challenge for me but I will keep checking in on myself to make sure I stay in control of stress.

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