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What my Clients are saying

Looking forword to seeing u soon, your a kind sensitive woman, I find it helps me talking to u, you see things that i dont, it helps me look at it in a different healthier way


One  visit to Irene and already feeling huge benefits.  After suffering with insomnia for years bad sleeping patterns have already started to improve.  Can’t wait for my next visit. 


huge thank you to irene for helping me with my anxiety.  friendly service.  thanks irene 


Irene has helped me over come anxiety and panic attacks which were affecting my job but I am working towards a promotion which would never have happened without my treatmeant with Irene, can’t thank her enough

Hi Irene, getting on fine. Wish I’d stopped years ago x

Irene made me feel very relaxed and comfortable right from the beginning and was very thorough on explaining everything before we began. Excellent service and would highly recommend as any nerves i had were soon put at ease

“I have an issue with claustrophobia which stops me from flying .After a session with Irene and using the breathing/tapping techniques she gave me, I feel much more confident about going forward and dealing with my phobia.  Although I haven’t booked a flight yet,  I have booked myself a flying lesion instead!  I would definitely recommend Irene as she makes you feel instantly at ease.”
Sharon S

Update from Sharon:

“And yesterday I took to the sky in a small plane!!  It was an amazing experience .   Thanks again Irene x”

Sharon S

“Hi, I jumped on the scales this morning and I’m 6kg down from when I saw you. I owe you such a massive thank you”

I saw Irene for help getting a sleep at night.  My lack of sleep was really getting me down.  I was a bit skeptical but it was really great.  So relaxing.  Its made a huge difference to my sleep.  Would definitely recommend.

“Thank you for seeing me for hypnotherapy Irene. You have helped me change my life and be happy. “

“I’d session one week ago.  Since then I’ve felt the best I have in almost 14 years.  Irene explained everything clearly and answered all my questions.  Would highly recommend and definitely going back”

“Just to let you know… I lost 5lbs last week!! So happy I feel so positive and can’t believe the willpower I have when facing food choices. So far so good – I can’t thank you enough for all your help”

“I’ve struggled with lack of confidence for a long time and hypnotherapy was a long shot for me.  It’s made a huge difference to my life and I feel like a new woman.”

I would absolutely recommend Thistle Hypnotherapy for a number of specialist treatments.  Irene is an excellent practitioner – I will cetainly be back.
Toni S

“Irene I’ve struggled with severe anxiety at various points throughout my adult life. It’s difficult to explain to someone who has never experienced it but with me I agonise over every single decision I have to make, every look or comment from people I know. I second guess everything to do with my working and personal life. Over the past few years I’ve been taught various coping strategies but by far the best experience I’ve ever had was the mind clearing exercise you did with me. I was focused, able think clearly and prioritise where I’d have been in a blind panic before. I still can’t believe be the difference it made to me.  ? ? ?   


“Irene has helped me stop smoking.  I never thought I could after having smoked for 43 years but I have!  She’s also helped me with stress and pain management.  I can’t recommend her enough.”

“Thanks for this morning Irene. I can move my arm better already! and my sore back I arrived with this morning has gone to.”