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Finding out you have cancer is devastating.  It impacts on every area of your life and coping with cancer and the emotional effects of this massive change in your life, as well as the side effects of treatment, can be overwhelming.   Going through cancer treatment can lead to anxiety, stress, depression, fear and loss of control.  Cancer affects everyone’s life differently and while hypnotherapy does not cure cancer, (if you have any signs and symptoms of cancer you should contact your GP without delay), it can be effective in helping you cope with the symptoms and side effects of treatment.  Hypnotherapy can also help friends and relatives cope with the emotional effects on them.

Some people find they cope reasonably well with the treatments – chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, surgery etc.) but after the treatment has stopped and they have the “all clear” what then?  Life is never the same.  Every ache and pain is a new worry.  Will it come back?  Will I ever get back to good health or fitness.  There are also the issues around how you look after cancer treatment.  The effects of invasive surgery can leave their marks.


An example of this is women with breast cancer having to cope with how their body looks post surgery.  Should you have reconstruction?  Should you change your lifestyle?  Has your confidence taken a dip?

Having personal experience of cancer, I believe hypnotherapy can help you get through the other side  of treatment and live a positive life after cancer by dealing with the very personal issues you experience.  If you would like to discuss please get in touch


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